Public service workers are the backbone of Alberta, but Danielle Smith’s UCP is actively undermining them. Will you stand with Alberta workers?
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Public service workers are the backbone of our province. They keep students learning, our rural communities and cities running, and healthcare facilities safe. 

They get us the services we need. 

Danielle Smith’s UCP is failing them and putting our services at risk. Smith’s UCP are putting conspiracy theories and chaos over a plan for creating good-paying jobs and building our economy. They’re creating a crisis in public healthcare and education. If we don’t act now, they’ll use this as an excuse to cut and privatize even more services we depend on. 

We Work for Alberta is brought to you by CUPE Alberta, designed to mobilize and engage folks from all over Alberta to support public services. CUPE represents over 36,000 employees in the municipal, school board, health care, post-secondary education, and not-for-profit sectors among many others.

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