Public service workers are the backbone of the COVID‑19 response, but Jason Kenney's UCP is failing to support them. Will you stand with Alberta workers?
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Public service workers are the backbone of the COVID‑19 crisis. They’ve saved lives, supported Alberta’s families, and kept our communities running.

Jason Kenney’s UCP is failing us. They’ve delayed crisis pay and equipment. They’ve gone to war with doctors and let go of educational staff. They’re giving profitable corporations huge tax cuts and bailouts while gutting public services. If we don’t act now, they’ll use the crisis as an excuse to cut even more services we depend on.

We Work For Alberta is a series of campaigns designed to engage Albertans on critical issues that demand our attention and action.

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We don’t want your private healthcare, Jason Kenney!
Tell Jason Kenney: We won’t stand for your healthcare cuts and privatization agenda
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Kenney’s Backwards Budget
Remind Jason Kenney and UCP that we won't stand for this backwards budget that hurts everyday Albertans.
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Aloha (Goodbye) Kenney!
Remind Jason Kenney and UCP that Aloha also means goodbye. Sign up to join us in defeating Kenney, today.
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