Stop the cuts to education. Treat school workers fairly.

School workers and those that keep our kids safe, on track, and learning need our help. Many of these workers don’t earn a living wage and are now being asked to do even more with even less.

Most school workers have not gotten a raise in nearly a decade – they just want to be treated fairly.

The UCP claims to have increased education funding, but that’s not true.  Inflation, increased enrollment and cuts are forcing school districts to make cuts. And the kids are suffering.

Our education system is crumbling under the UCP. The dedicated (and vastly underpaid) school workers are suffering as a result. Most have not had a wage increase in over eight years. The people who keep our kids safe, on track, and learning need help to allow them to do what they love.

Educational Assistants, for example, are critical in keeping classrooms functioning. They work to support children with diverse learning needs. 

Their tireless efforts benefit all students in the classroom and open up space for our teachers to do their best work.

These selfless workers are the backbone of our education system and have not gotten a raise in nearly a decade. 

Some of our community members impacted:

  • Educational Assistants. 
  • Custodial Workers. 
  • Maintenance workers
  • Administrative support 
  • Bus drivers

During the pandemic, while many stayed at home, school workers continued to show up for our kids. 

These selfless individuals, who help kids thrive inside and outside of the classroom, now need our help.

Many do this important work while making less than the living wage in Alberta. They are working to change that, attempting to get living wages, job protections, and some job security. 

These school workers across Alberta do not want a lot. 

They just want to be treated fairly so they can do what they love – helping kids. 

Whether you have kids in the education system or not, this impacts everyone in our community - your voice needs to be heard. 

Send a message to your local MLA, Education Minister, and the Premier and ask them to stop cuts to education and treat our workers fairly.


  • 0% Many school divisions across the province have been given 0% increases all while enrolment and inflation rise, meaning our already underpaid education workers are doing more for less.
  • $27,497 The average salary of Educational Assistants after years of specialized training, no pay during breaks, and limited job protections. Plus, no raise in nearly a decade.
  • ACTION Can help these selfless school workers who help our kids. Send a letter today!


Tell your MLA, Education Minister, and the Premier to step up, stop the cuts to education and treat our workers fairly.

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Authorized by Colleen Nash, financial agent for CUPE Alberta. 300, 10235 – 124 Street, Edmonton, AB T5N 1P9