Stop the cuts to education. Treat school workers fairly.

School workers and those that keep our kids safe, on track, and learning need our help. Many of these workers don’t earn a living wage and are now being asked to do even more with even less.

Most school workers have not gotten a raise in nearly a decade – they just want to be treated fairly.

Our education system is crumbling, impacting dedicated and underpaid school workers who haven't received a raise in eight years. Educational assistants, custodial workers, maintenance workers, administrative support, and bus drivers - all critical members of our community - are affected.

During the pandemic, while many stayed home, these selfless individuals showed up for our kids. Now, they need our help to secure living wages, job protections, and fairness.

These selfless individuals, who help kids thrive inside and outside of the classroom,  need our help.

The average educational worker in Alberta makes $34,300 per year. The wages for Educational Assistant are even lower at $26,388 per year, below the Alberta poverty line of $26,550.

The Alberta government claims to have increased education funding, but it’s not true.  Inflation and increased enrollment have forced school districts to make cuts. And the kids are suffering.

Most education workers have not had a wage increase in over eight years.

The people who keep our kids safe, on track, and learning need help to allow them to do what they love.

School support workers are critical to a quality education. They work with kids and they keep schools functioning smoothly.

Your voice matters! You can help fix this. 

Call on your local MLA, Education Minister, and the Premier to stop education cuts and treat our workers fairly. 

Act now to support those who keep our kids safe, on track, and learning!


  • 0% This is the wage increase most education workers have had over the last eight years. Meanwhile, Alberta and Canada have seen record levels of inflation
  • $26,400 The average salary of Educational Assistants after years of specialized training, no pay during breaks, and limited job protections. Plus, no raise in nearly a decade.
  • ACTION Can help these selfless school workers who help our kids. Send a letter today!


Tell your MLA, Education Minister, and the Premier to step up, stop the cuts to education and treat our workers fairly.

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Authorized by Colleen Nash, financial agent for CUPE Alberta. 300, 10235 – 124 Street, Edmonton, AB T5N 1P9