Educational Assistants are seeking a new deal to earn a living wage and need your help.

Educational Assistants are critical in keeping classrooms functioning. They work to support children with diverse learning needs. Their tireless efforts benefit all students in the classroom and open up space for our teachers to do their best work.

During the pandemic, Educational Assistants in our community have stepped-up even more to keep our kids safe, on-task, and able to keep learning.  

These selfless individuals, who help kids thrive, need our help.

Educational Assistants are terribly underpaid. Many do this important work while making less than the living wage in Alberta. They are working to change that, attempting to get living wages, job protections, and some job security. 

The Educational Assistants at Red Deer Catholic do not want a lot. They just want a deal that allows them to do what they love, helping  kids. They need the security of a living wage, and knowledge that the rug won’t be pulled from underneath them at any moment. 

This is a modest ask for a group of selfless individuals, who make our community brighter and better. They are part of our community, and they now need our help. 

Whether you have kids in Red Deer Catholic Schools or not, this impacts everyone in our community - your voice needs to be heard. Send a message to the Red Deer Catholic Regional School Board and ask them to step up and get a fair deal for our Educational Assistants. 

PS - This message is brought to you by CUPE Alberta. CUPE proudly represents tens of thousands of frontline workers across Alberta - including Educational Assistants. We appreciate your support.