Email your MLA and ask them to scrap to Jason Kenney’s new K-6 curriculum

Think about it: have you ever heard of something 90% of people oppose? Seriously, think about it. In our modern society it is a rarity. Perhaps even an impossibility. 

But then comes Jason Kenney’s K-6 proposed curriculum. 

A curriculum so bad that more than 90% of Alberta’s teachers believe the curriculum is not fit to teach. What’s more, thousands of Albertans also agree...that the proposed curriculum is shortsighted, it's ideological, and it won’t help our kids. 

Simply put, this curriculum is a disaster and we need to scrap it. 

However, Jason Kenney is doubling down and forcing it through. Why? Because this new curriculum is based on Kenney's personal ideology and beliefs that he wants to inject into our education system.

Who suffers? Our kids. Our families. All of us. 

This political railroading by Jason Kenney needs to stop. And this isn’t the first instance. 

Our kids need a world-class education. Jason Kenney introduces a damaging curriculum. 

We need a robust healthcare system. Jason Kenney fires 11,000 healthcare workers. 

We needed a government focussed on saving lives during the pandemic. Kenney's team went on overseas vacations instead.

Email your MLA and ask them to stand up to Jason Kenney’s K-6 curriculum. 

We’ve drafted the email for you. All you have to do is hit SEND.

If we don’t act now, Jason Kenney will ensure that Alberta is a national (and international) laggard. The time is now to ensure your MLA knows that you won’t stand for this.


PS - This message is brought to you by CUPE Alberta. CUPE proudly represents nearly 9,000 education workers in Alberta. Our members care deeply about the quality of education being delivered in Alberta. We appreciate your support.

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Authorized by Elaine Moore, financial agent for CUPE Alberta. 300, 10235 – 124 Street, Edmonton, AB T5N 1P9