Keep Schools Safe

Jason Kenney has reopened schools with no plan to make sure students and staff are safe.

The current ‘plan’ includes no funding for extra cleaning and sanitization, no class size caps, and no physical distancing.

Kenney already laid off more than 20,000 educational assistants, custodial workers, and other professionals, meaning students are even more vulnerable than before.

We need to ensure our schools are safe so Alberta’s kids and others aren’t put at risk.

Parents, students and education professionals are speaking out against this broken ‘plan’.

Your MLA can stop him in the Legislature. Call your MLA to demand that they keep schools safe!

Some talking points to consider:

  • Jason Kenney has sent our kids back to school with no real plan for safety and cleaning to protect students and staff from COVID.
  • Jason Kenney has sent staff and students back to school with even fewer resources and less funding than 2018. We need more support, not less. 
  • We need small class sizes, physical distancing, and to rehire teachers, EAs and custodial staff to keep schools safe.
  • Jason Kenney is trading kids’ safety and well-being for handouts to corporate political insiders. 
  • The lives of our kids and school staff are worth more than the bottom line. 
  • Jason Kenney is lying when he says it would cost $4 billion to reduce class sizes. We don’t need 900 new schools - we need a little creativity to run schools in shifts and find other locations for schools.
  • Jason Kenney says he knows there will be COVID in schools, but he doesn’t want to pay to prevent it. He found $4.7 billion for tax cuts to profitable corporations - he should put students ahead of corporations.
  • We are seeing cases of COVID already, and hundreds of students being sent home to isolate. The UCP ‘plan’ is causing more chaos in our schools.

Call your MLA

Authorized by Colleen Nash, financial agent for CUPE Alberta. 300, 10235 – 124 Street, Edmonton, AB T5N 1P9