Kenney’s Backwards Budget

Jason Kenney is determined to take Alberta backwards with this budget. 

Kenney’s budget has cut $4 billion in critical services; $632 million from healthcare during a pandemic, $160 million from schools as parents and children grapple with the new education reality, and over $750 million from municipalities. 

And on top of that? He has sneakily increased your personal income taxes, and is still conducting an AHS review to privatize healthcare, and continuing his plan to layoff 15,000 health care workers. But rest assured, Jason Kenney is still issuing more than $4.7 billion in corporate tax cuts to his friends. 

Kenney’s budget is backwards, it is cruel, and it will hurt Albertans. 

At some point enough is enough. We do not need a premier who chooses ideology over people. 

This budget proves that Jason Kenney does not care about everyday Albertans. 

We need to work together to ensure we defeat Jason Kenney and the UCP. 

We can’t have any more of Jason Kenney. Sign up to join us in defeating Kenney, today. 

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Authorized by Elaine Moore, financial agent for CUPE Alberta. 300, 10235 – 124 Street, Edmonton, AB T5N 1P9