Aloha (Goodbye) Kenney!

Remind Jason Kenney that Aloha also means goodbye. 

And we are more than ready to say goodbye to him. 

Kenney mismanaged the pandemic, fired 11,000 healthcare workers, allowed contact tracing to break down, and even blamed South Asian Albertans for the spike in COVID rates.

Now we learn that more than 10% of Kenney’s UCP caucus  ignored crystal clear directives that prohibit non-essential travel outside Canada and headed off to sunny vacation destinations through the holiday break. 

We made sacrifices, his government skipped town. 

We tried to bend the curve, his government bent the rules. 

This is arrogance. This is entitlement.

And it’s insulting to all of us who have done our part to keep our fellow Albertans safe from this pandemic. 

While Kenney was happy throwing some MLAs and staff under the bus for his lack of leadership, the responsibility lies with him. 

We can’t have more of Jason Kenney. Sign up to join us in defeating Kenney, today.

Join our efforts to ensure we can say Aloha to Jason Kenney once and for all.

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Authorized by Elaine Moore, financial agent for CUPE Alberta. 300, 10235 – 124 Street, Edmonton, AB T5N 1P9